Serving the people of Knebworth

The Committee

The Steering Committee was formed in June 2016 following a parish wide invitation to an open meeting regarding the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Knebworth.

Knebworth Parish Council had agreed at one of their meetings that this would be a very desirable course of action following a decision by North Herts District Council to impose a directive to build around 700 new dwellings in the Knebworth Parish Area.

The Steering Committee is made up of a diverse range of local residents with differing backgrounds. Some original members moved away for work or family reasons but, fortunately for Knebworth, we acquired some new members too.

Whatever the members' backgrounds, skills or interests, however long we have lived in the area, we are all keen to ensure the best future outcome for Knebworth. It's our future too.

Some of the members' reasons given for getting involved with the Neighbourhood Plan are:

  • To help improve the quality and long term management of the village.
  • To contribute to the future of the village as well as sustaining its present.
  • Helping to assemble the Neighbourhood Plan is a great way to understand the
    village better.
  • To preserve the many natural beauties of my home village and to create a
    sustainable plan for the future of Knebworth.
  • I am passionate about maintaining the countryside in a sustainable and positive
    way, which benefits wildlife and the environment.

We are always interested in the views of all local residents and stakeholders, so please feel free to forward any comments or suggestions via email at: or

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