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Luton Airport Planning Application Deadline 19 February

The operator of London Luton Airport has submitted a planning application (reference 21/00031/VARCON) seeking consent to:

  • increase the capacity of the airport from 18 million passengers per year (mppa) to 19 mppa,
  • amend the day and night noise contours ,

Luton Airport was given planning permission to double its passenger numbers from 9 to 18M over a 15 year period in 2013. After only six years the airport reached its planned capacity: reaching 17.9mppa in October 2019. This application looks to move the goalposts by increasing passenger numbers rather than meet their current obligations.

Luton Airport has breached the 2013 planning consent conditions regarding noise limits for the last three years. Knebworth has seen a significant increase in air noise over recent years. During the six weeks of air noise monitoring between September and November 2018 there were eight aircraft fined for track violation and 12% flying under 4000 ft.

The proposed increase in passenger numbers will mean a substantial increase of arrivals and departures, in excess of 2,000 additional flights, causing further harm to Hertfordshire communities.

The existing and proposed road and rail transport systems do not have the capacity to cope with the increase in cars and passengers.

LBC Local Plan is quite clear that any airport expansion must "Achieve further noise reduction or no material increase in day or night-time noise or otherwise cause excessive noise including ground noise at any time of the day or night", this application seems to be in direct contrast with that statement.

To lodge your own comment: Luton Planning Portal click "Make a Comment" and then click "Log in and make a comment or use the application number 21/00031/VARCON.

Comments must be received by 19 February.

Posted: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 11:06 by Knebworth Parish Council

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