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Food poverty

This has certainly been in the headlines recently, and HCC, and the Council's Money Advice Unit, is committed to playing it's part in making sure children don't go hungry.

It is vitally important that children get free school meals during term-time. As getting universal credit or other low-income benefits is one of the key ways to be eligible, the MAU has now got three major additions to its web-pages –

  • A free and simple-to-use benefit and budgeting calculator, supplied by Policy in Practice.
  • A short 30-40 minute self-teaching guide to Universal Credit
  • A link to the Healthy Start voucher scheme, to get free milk, fruit, vegetables and vitamins for pre-school children

More information about school meals themselves, and to apply for free school meals , visit

Posted: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 10:28 by Claire Graham

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