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Transport Plans Consultation ends 30 March

Herts County Council is currently consulting on two transport plans which are relevant to Knebworth. The North Central (NCGTP) and South Central Growth Transport Plans cover North Herts, Welwyn Hatfield and the A1 and B197 corridors. The plans look at routes (called interventions) between towns to assess problem areas and prioritise projects to improve traffic flows, especially for buses, pedestrians and cyclists. It also considers rail connections and parking measures. Lower priority is being placed on highway upgrades so that private modes of transport are less attractive.

The objectives are that transport should be connected, reliable, accessible, attractive place, efficient and health and safety.

Proposed packages include bus priority, new or widened footpaths,improved railway stations, parking measures etc

Both documents look at the route between Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City and have identified projects around Knebworth. In the NCGTP Package 4 (PK15 SCGTP) relates to improvements to this route.

PR27 refers to Bus route 300/301 improvements to work with partners to improve the quality of service. Implementation in two years

PR28 measures to improve the journey time reliability through Knebworth London Road/ High Street. Proposing highway layout changes on Knebworth high street (B197) in order to improve journey times.

The detail of the proposals is unknown however where there is an opportunity to re-evaluate on road parking, consideration will be given to the opportunities to improve conditions for cyclists, pedestrians and the efficient movement of bus services.

There are also proposals to develop a cycling route along the B197 corridor and new sustainable connections from planned housing developments (in Knebworth) to Knebworth station.

There are a number of documents related to both plans. The interventions document identifies projects for the areas and can be found here

The consultations end on 30 March 2020

Posted: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 12:27 by Claire Graham

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