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New Free School in Stevenage

Council propose location for new Free School in Stevenage

The Michaela Community School was one of 22 secondary free schools announced in the DfE's latest wave of successful applications for free schools across the country.

Although Hertfordshire County Council was not involved in the bid, further secondary school places are needed in Stevenage to meet the demand anticipated from new housing growth within and around the borough.

The county council is currently purchasing the freehold of the former Barnwell East site in Stevenage to secure the location for long-term educational purposes. The council is currently engaging with the DfE and the Michaela Community School to ensure that this site meets the requirements of the new Free School.

Cabinet Member for Education, Libraries and Localism, Cllr Terry Douris said: "We were pleased to hear last month that a new school will be opening in Stevenage as this will provide much-needed school places for the borough.

"We will be working with the DfE and Michaela School to determine when the school will open and how many places it will offer, to ensure a good match in terms of secondary places against the forecast need."

As with other parts of Hertfordshire, Stevenage is facing up to the challenge of how to accommodate a growing population. Increasing its school provision is one way the county council is helping to support sustainable, long-term growth.

Hertfordshire County Council has created over 14,200 additional permanent and temporary primary and secondary school places since 2012.

Posted: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 11:38 by Claire Graham

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