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NHDC Draft Parking Strategy

NHDC's approach to parking issues is set out in a ten year Strategy and Action Plan. The strategy covers all aspects of parking, including on-street, off-street (both charged for and free), town centres, residential areas, parking for Blue Badge Holders and, in general, the management and enforcement of parking in the District.

NHDC is undertaking a full review of its Parking Strategy, and has appointed consultants to assist with the review. It is a two phase process.

  • The scope of Phase 1 was to review and provide advice on parking tariffs to inform the Council's budget setting process for 2017/18 – this has been completed.
  • The scope of Phase 2 is to address and consider wider parking provision and management issues across the District and to review the Council's policies in the current Parking Strategy with suggested recommendations.

Phase 2 is a draft report which NHDC is currently reviewing and is looking to adopt next year. It includes recommendations for Knebworth and suggests that NHDC should:

• Review the local plan housing growth and existing demand, both on and off-street.
• Discuss future rail demand with Network Rail and the train operator, and consider consultation on extending the existing CPZ.
• Seek to identify suitable locations for designated on-street bays. These will be located on streets with low levels of parking and where parking bays can contribute to residential traffic calming.
• Give consideration for Commuters to be able to apply for premium parking season tickets on-street at a cost of around £80 per month. The costs of management and enforcement would be largely borne by commuters.

Posted: Wed, 07 Nov 2018 11:25 by Claire Graham

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