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Station Public House

The Station Public House has been put up for sale by its owner, Greene King, and is currently under offer. It is unclear at the moment if it will be sold as a going concern or sold for development, but many residents have expressed support in retaining the pub as a community asset.

The Parish Council has submitted an application to register the Station Public House as an Asset of Community Value, which identifies buildings that are important to the social well-being of a community. To ensure that the building remains a public house, the community must decide if it wants to make an offer. If the offer is accepted the pub would then be run as a community pub.

To be in a position to submit a bid, funding has to be in place. The Parish Council is looking for people who are willing to help lead a community initiative, make a financial contribution to a community fund, or have relevant experience to help.

A village in Worcestershire has recently raised funds to buy a local pub which will be run as a co-operative. The group 'The Salvation Squad' was asking for a minimum contribution of £250 and it managed to raise £300,000 in four weeks.

If you would like to see the Station Public House become a community pub and are willing to make a financial contribution to a community fund, please contact the clerk by 6 February 2017.

phone: 01438 813795
write: 9 Oakfield's Road, Knebworth SG3 6NS

Information on community pubs can be found at

Pub is the Hub at

Plunkett Foundation at

Posted: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 16:28 by Knebworth Parish Council

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