Serving the people of Knebworth


Chenepeworde (xi cent.); Cnebbeworth, Knebbeswrth (xiii cent.); Knybbeworth (xiv cent.); Knecbworth, Knebbeworth.

The parish of Knebworth has an area of 2,677 acres. The north-eastern part is over 400 ft. above the ordnance datum, and rises to a height of 461 ft. From this point the ground slopes downwards to the south and more gradually to the east; south of the village it rises again to 426 ft. The greater part of the parish is arable land, which covers 1,284 acres; 661¾ acres are permanent grass and 277 acres are wood. The main road from Hitchin to London passes through the centre of the parish. A road turns off from it to the west and forks, one branch going north to St. Paul's Walden and the other south past Three Houses. Another road turns east from the Hitchin road, runs along the south of Knebworth Park and turns north, forming its eastern border. The village is situated on this road on the opposite side from the park.


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