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Planning applications 2018

18/00550/FPH | Single storey rear extension. | 33 Pondcroft Road Knebworth

18/00535/TPO | T1 Horse Chestnut - Reduce crown by 20% and reduce 3 lower limbs overhanging the road by 2m. T2 Acacia - Reduce height by 2m. T3 Horse Chestnut - Reduce 3 lower limbs by 3m, crown thin 20%. T4 Horse Chestnut - Reduce crown by 5m. T5 Horse Chestnut - Crown thin by 20%. T6 9 x Lime - Reduce recent growth back to previous cuts. | Land At Constance Place Knebworth

18/00507/NMA | Installation of condenser unit, air-conditioning units and acoustic barrier at first floor level on rear elevation | 119 London Road Knebworth

18/00493/TCA | Walnut T1 - crown reduction by 20% to reduce mechanical stress on branches | Craiglithy Gipsy Lane Knebworth

18/00504/EC | Install one DLSAM equipment cabinet (PCP014) and one PCP cabinet (PCP014) | Telecommunications Equipment On Land Outside 2 And 4 Swangleys Lane Knebworth

18/00388/TCA | Removal of one Sycamore tree, 20% crown reduction of three conifer trees and prune one Apple tree by 10 % | Deards Barn Deards End Lane Knebworth

18/00314/LDCP | Single storey detached outbuilding following demolition of existing sheds. | 2 Oakfields Road Knebworth

18/00377/TCA | Weeping Beech - Prune by 20-25% | 19 Deards End Lane Knebworth Hertfordshire

18/00390/TCA | S1, S2, S3 Sycamore - Fell. C1 Chestnut - Fell | Knebworth House Knebworth Park Old Knebworth Knebworth Hertfordshire

18/00301/FPH | Single storey front and rear extensions following demolition of existing rear conservatory. | 25 Sayer Way Knebworth Hertfordshire

18/00314/LDCP | Single storey detached outbuilding following demolition of existing sheds. | 2 Oakfields Road Knebworth Hertfordshire

18/00322/FPH | Erection of art studio in rear garden. Erection of wall around side garden with decorative screen and landscaping to create courtyard. | 44 New Close Knebworth Hertfordshire

17/04399/FP | Erection of two bedroom detached dwelling with new vehicular access off Crab Tree Road. Formation of vehicular access off Gun Road Gardens to serve existing dwelling | 34 Gun Road Gardens Knebworth Hertfordshire

8/00150/TPO | T6 Oak - Raise crown to 5m and 3m over path | Land Adjacent To 9 Oak Tree Gardens Knebworth

18/00145/DOC | Condition 3 - Materials (as discharge of condition attached to planning reference 15/02299/1 granted permission 22/12/2015 for Erection of 8 x 1 bed flats with 8 car parking spaces and cycle store following demolition of existing building) | The Surgery 1 Stevenage Road Knebworth

18/00132/TCA | Apple - Fell | Deepings Gun Lane Knebworth Hertfordshire

18/00105/FPH | Single storey side and rear extension. | 62 Stevenage Road Knebworth Hertfordshire

17/04256/FPH | Single storey rear extension | 92 Pondcroft Road Knebworth Hertfordshire

18/00015/FPH | Single storey front and rear extensions with associated ancillary works. | 25 St Martins Road Knebworth Hertfordshire

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