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Knebworth Parish Council Saves the Station Pub

Posted: Tue, 04 Feb 2020 06:44 by Claire Graham

As you have probably noticed, the Station Pub is currently undergoing a full refurbishment inside and out. The pub is now owned by Knebworth Parish Council which bought it with the help of a long-term loan from Central Government. More »

It will be run by a local couple, Lloyd and Becky Willis, who both have many years' experience in the hospitality industry. They are very much looking forward to bringing a quality pub offer to the village that we can all be proud of.

The Station Hotel is a prominent local landmark. It was built in 1883 to service the new railway, making it one of the oldest buildings in 'new' Knebworth.

It was sold to a developer three years ago who planned to convert the first floor to flats and build on the large pub garden and it has been closed ever since. A planning inquiry decided early last year that while the pub had to remain as a pub, it was okay to build on the garden.

In June 2019 the Parish Council asked local residents whether they should try and buy the pub. They found that there was overwhelming support for saving this valuable social asset. Since then a small group has worked behind the scenes to develop a business plan, secure a loan, negotiate the purchase, select suitable tenants and plan the refurbishment.

It's taken longer than we expected to get to here, but the Parish Council would like to thank everyone involved for enabling this next chapter in The Station's journey. A big thank you to the SOSPUB group for their enthusiasm, to Knebworth Estate for their help in securing the coach house, and to the working group who have brought this to fruition.

We encourage everyone in the village to support this new and exciting local business. » Less

South Central Growth & Transport Plan Consultation

Posted: Mon, 06 Jan 2020 16:17 by Claire Graham

The South Central Growth & Transport Plan (NCGTP) is a new transport strategy to help direct and plan transport improvements and investment in Stevenage and North Hertfordshire, developed in line with forecast development to 2031. More »

Proposals to improve movement along the B197 corridor are included in both North and South Centreal Transport Plans. Both are on consultation until 30 March 2020 » Less

Herts County Council Rail Strategy Consultation

Posted: Mon, 06 Jan 2020 16:10 by Claire Graham

HCC is consulting on its Rail Strategy until 30 March 2020