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Latest News

Proposed Energy Plant Installation, South of Odyssey

Posted: Tue, 13 Nov 2018 17:50 by Claire Graham

Planning application18/02907/FP has been submitted to Install a flexible energy generation plant on Land South Of Odyssey Health Club Stevenage Road Knebworth

The proposed development consists of:
•• four gas-fuelled electricity generators, each of up to 2.5MW capacity and a total site capacity of up to 10MW;
•• a transformer unit for each engine;
•• A ground-mounted radiator for each engine (typically 4.9m wide by 2.5m deep and 2.7m high);
•• HV Building to contain switchgear and metering equipment (typically 3.2m long by 3.2m deep and 2.8m high),
•• a DNO Building that will be operated by the distribution network operator (DNO),
UK Power Networks (overall typical dimensions, 3.6m wide by 2.5m deep and 2.3m high);
•• a gas kiosk to contain the gas connection and metering equipment (of typical overall dimensions, 4.0m wide by 2.5m deep and 2.4m high);
•• Clean and waste self-bunded oil stores (each typically 2.5m wide by 1.8m deep and 1.3m high);
•• a Client Building to contain the control system, and for the storage of spare parts (of overall dimensions, 2.3m wide by 3.2m deep and 2.8m high);
•• a perimeter fence;
•• security CCTV cameras at each corner on 4m poles; and
•• associated infrastructure

High Street and Station Road Roadworks

Posted: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 15:52 by Claire Graham

There will be connection works requiring temporary signals on the roundabout for London Road and Station Road commencing on the Monday (12/11/18).

Power On Connections will begin works on London Road making their way towards the roundabout and then moving onto Station Road. More »

These works will require an open excavation method so unfortunately the signals will be in operation 24/7 for the duration of the works. They will be manually operated between the hours of 07:00 – 09:30 and 16:00 – 18:30.

The initial duration is 12th to 23rd on London Road and 19th to 30th on Station Road.

Parking bays will also need to be suspended to allow adequate widths for the traffic management to be in place. » Less

NHDC Draft Parking Strategy

Posted: Wed, 07 Nov 2018 11:25 by Claire Graham

NHDC's approach to parking issues is set out in a ten year Strategy and Action Plan. The strategy covers all aspects of parking, including on-street, off-street (both charged for and free), town centres, residential areas, parking for Blue Badge Holders and, in general, the management and enforcement of parking in the District. More »

NHDC is undertaking a full review of its Parking Strategy, and has appointed consultants to assist with the review. It is a two phase process.

  • The scope of Phase 1 was to review and provide advice on parking tariffs to inform the Council's budget setting process for 2017/18 – this has been completed.
  • The scope of Phase 2 is to address and consider wider parking provision and management issues across the District and to review the Council's policies in the current Parking Strategy with suggested recommendations.

Phase 2 is a draft report which NHDC is currently reviewing and is looking to adopt next year. It includes recommendations for Knebworth and suggests that NHDC should:

• Review the local plan housing growth and existing demand, both on and off-street.
• Discuss future rail demand with Network Rail and the train operator, and consider consultation on extending the existing CPZ.
• Seek to identify suitable locations for designated on-street bays. These will be located on streets with low levels of parking and where parking bays can contribute to residential traffic calming.
• Give consideration for Commuters to be able to apply for premium parking season tickets on-street at a cost of around £80 per month. The costs of management and enforcement would be largely borne by commuters. » Less